May 28, 2021

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Rental Properties 2021

Investing in rental real estate is exciting, but it can also be frustrating if done the wrong way. One wrong move, and you could lose your small investment- along with time and money.

You’re not alone. At Josen Estates, we have sold hundreds of properties and our customers always come back for more.

In this article, you will learn why even successful billionaires chose to invest in real estate.

I’m going to show you why real estate is a good investment and the benefits of investing in real estate.

1.   Appreciation

It is an increase in the value of a property over a period of time.  Okay, let me explain how appreciation works in layman’s language using wine and house scenarios.

  • ·        A bottle of wine might be worth Shs35,000 today but Shs10, 000-10 years later.
  • ·        A house worth Shs 170,000,000 might be worth Shs 280,000,000 years later

There are two types of appreciation, that is, natural and forced appreciation.

Natural Appreciation

 It means you buy a property, hold it for some time then sell it at a higher price than you purchased.

Think of it this way…

The land your parents purchased 40 years ago could be sold 10 times its original price, and this is natural depreciation.

Forced appreciation

It’s improving a property so that its value goes high. For example:

  • ·        Turning a three-bedroom into a four-bedroom.
  • ·        Building a house or rental on land. 

This makes the property increase in value immediately.

Forced appreciation is a  powerful tool, and every serious investor should consider using it.

2.   People Always Need Place to Live

The market will indeed go up and down, but there’s one thing that will never end, Demand.  The Demand for rental houses is going up every day. Imagine the following:

1.   How many students are joining universities and colleges in Uganda every year?

2.   How many people are moving from rural to urban every year?

The answer is many; this is the reason why rental investment should be your next move.

3.  It Has Worked For Millions of People before You and Me

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” —Andrew Carnegie.

This is the biggest proof available that real estate is and will continue making people millionaires. What is stopping you today from being on the list of millionaires who made it through real estate?

At Josen Estates, we know that you want to be a successful investor. To do that,  you need an effective property management system.

The problem is that managing a property is not easy, which makes you feel frustrated and stuck.

We believe that you should not waste more hours collecting, maintaining and controlling your property.

 We understand, and we don’t just care about the property. We care about you. And that is why we’ve helped 100’s of successful investors manage their property.

Here is what we do:

  • ·        Oversee the property and ensure it stays in good condition.
  • ·        Collect rent and give it to you on time.
  • ·        List your property to the target market and audience.

So, call us today. And in the meantime, here’s our phone number +256 779 253098 or email for queries.

So that you can stop wasting hours managing property and instead build more property and enjoy life.